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CashForOldPhones.co.uk is an easy and efficient online service that helps you to compare who pays the most when you decide to recycle your mobile phone.


We feature many mobile phone recycling companies and are totally unbiased. We do not favour any specific website leaving it to you to choose which you think offers the best deal. We have thoroughly researched the mobile phone recycling companies we feature so you don\'t have to. Be assured that every partner we use are UK based only and for the public interest we will never go outside the UK.


CashForOldPhones.co.uk compare the most popular mobile phone recycling companies in the market place. The recent advance of mobile phone technology means people are upgrading their mobile phones at unprecedented rates. And now there are over 60 million redundant mobile phones in the UK. In fact you yourself may well have an old mobile phone lying about.


CashForOldPhones.co.uk was created to encourage people to recycle their old mobile phones and help reduce the damaging footprint mobile phones can leave on the earth. We believe that if people get paid more to recycle their mobile phone, more people will help the environment. Its a win win situation. Do your part. Its easy and by being paid to recycle your mobile phone, it makes real sense to help environment.