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If you are looking to get cash for an old phone, visit who will pay you for selling your mobile to them. At you will find an easy to use website which allows you, in only a few clicks, to complete the process. Old mobiles are wanted by, so if you want to recycle a working mobile phone then great, but also recycle damaged and broken mobile phones. So whether your old mobile phone is in great working order or not you will still be quids in when selling phones to

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With the majority of UK mobile phone users replacing their mobile handsets at least once every 2 years there is an ever increasing amount of old, unwanted handsets being disposed of. But rather than simply throwing your old handset away Envirophone offers you the opportunity to cash in on your old handsets while helping the environment.

To date Envirofone have paid out over £4 million to users of their website in exchange for their unwanted mobile phones. On top of these payments Envirofone have also donated £300,000 to charities as a result of their recycling activities.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg for Envirofone. It is estimated that there are over 80 million mobile handsets in the UK which are no longer used with a total value of over £1.6 billion – the equivalent of the cost of and Aircraft Carrier.

The bonus of being paid for something you no longer need combined with the environmental benefits of recycling your phone mean that this is now becoming big business. And as a market leader in the field Envirofone are receiving over 45 million website hits per month and list a total of over 1200 handsets including the likes of Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, LG and many more, some worth as much as £115 when traded in. Envirofone also guarantee that you will receive payment for your phone within 7 days of them receiving it.

Envirofone will also pay you up to 90% of the full value of your phone even if it is damaged or faulty, meaning that you can recoup some of your losses even if the phone is out of warranty or irreparable. You can also take advantage of other discounts by checking out Envirofones Special Offers page.

With their focus firmly on environmental issues, Envirofone even have a section of their website dedicated to promoting other businesses and websites which help the environment.


  • Accept working mobile phones: Yes
  • Accept broken mobile phones: Yes
  • Free postage address: Yes
  • Estimated payment time: 7 Days days
  • Payment methods: BACS / Cheque / PayPal / Charity
  • Do send envelopes for customers to use: Yes
  • Do allow you to use your own envelopes: Yes
  • Can you recycle more than one old mobile at a time with Yes

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