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Selling Your Mobile To Simply Drop :

If you are looking to get cash for an old phone, visit Simply Drop who will pay you for selling your mobile to them. At Simply Drop you will find an easy to use website which allows you, in only a few clicks, to complete the process. Old mobiles are wanted by Simply Drop, so if you want to recycle a working mobile phone then great, but Simply Drop also recycle damaged and broken mobile phones. So whether your old mobile phone is in great working order or not you will still be quids in when selling phones to Simply Drop.

About Simply Drop :

Royal Mail Simply Drop ® – The rewarding way to recycle.  Earn cash for yourself or charity.

Simply Drop ® is a new service from Royal Mail that allows consumers to recycle unwanted mobile phones, and get cash for themselves, or for charity – their choice.

To recycle unwanted items with Royal Mail Simply Drop ® scheme, consumers need to visit, select the make and model of their mobile phone(s) from a drop-down menu, and a quote will be given. A prepaid, degradable bag will then be issued to the individual for safe postage of their items.

It\\\'s simple.

Only three simple steps to Simply Drop ® your mobiles and get cash

It’s rewarding

Some phones can earn you up to £195

  • Accept working mobile phones: Yes
  • Accept broken mobile phones: Yes
  • Free postage address: Yes
  • Estimated payment time: 7 Days days
  • Payment methods: Cheque / PayOffline / PayPal / Postal Order
  • Do Simply Drop send envelopes for customers to use: Yes
  • Do Simply Drop allow you to use your own envelopes: Yes
  • Can you recycle more than one old mobile at a time with Simply Drop: Yes

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